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Hey, there, my gorgeous reader! ☀☕🍂🍒

Let’s get to know each other!

I’m Hanna.

I’ve been living in Florida 🇺🇸 🌴for over 10 years now, but originally I’m from Ukraine,🇺🇦 so if you are probably sensing some accent and cute slightly off metaphors lol 😆

What inspired my blog?

After a couple of years of interrogation from my friends about my hair, routines and where did I get that I gave in.

Life is too short not to be stylish and not having nice things, so you will see more stylish content soon.

I usually find one piece I am obsessing about until I style it absolutely perfect.
You see, there is a perfectionist in me constantly thinking how can I style it better?

Is there a better accessory to go with it?

Until it all comes together in a look worth turning heads and that’s the time for me to start sleeping peacefully again…. not… 😁 because I will be writing a blog post on it.

That’s my life pretty much.

What is my background?

I speak 4 languages. I have a Bachelor Degree in Translation and Interpreting I don’t use or use occasionally for the local community.

I am constantly being asked questions about blogging, pictures and overall put together feel of my blog.
It all started out as a hobby… but a dozen of seminars later… I guess I know about a thing or two. I am a compulsive learner. I want to know every little detail about everything I come across.