How To Use The Art Of Not Knowing To Build A Life Of Your Dreams

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Sometimes in spite our best efforts we find ourselves being challenged. We lack clarity…we lack direction. No matter what we do the answer doesn’t come. It gets harder as we try to represent when we don’t know what we stand for. But before you start beating yourself up I want you to read this quote:

“…the writer is one who, embarking upon a task, doesn’t know what to do… but in doing so he places himself…

— “Not-Knowing” Donald Barthelme

You may not be a writer, but the quote still makes sense, which brings us to some good news and some bad news:

GOOD NEWS: If you find yourself in a not-knowing land that simply means you are at the foundation of all things.

BAD NEWS: The clarity will not come and knock on your door. You cannot cash out not-knowing either. You cannot pour it into the glass, you cannot put it on your bread and you cannot put it in your wallet.

So what happens next? How does one deal with not-knowing and avoid getting stuck?

What do you do if you find certain pleasure and contentment in status quo (aka stuff doesn’t have to be figured out)?

My advice is:

  1. Set the change in motion.
  2. Maintain momentum. Things are happening to you now. Stay with it.
  3. Continue on the success path.

Not-knowing can become a cozy blanket, whereas clarity is the result of you waking up to the alarm and get things done.



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