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Intuos Art: Wacom Intuos Art Arrival, Packaging, Set Up

Intuos Art

Wacom Intuos Art arrived pretty quickly due to 2-day shipping with Amazon. I was on edge every Hour of it! I couldn’t wait to see it!I have always coveted Wacom Tablet for design and art. The truth is I have always coveted Wacom Tablet for design and art. I did not work how to work …

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How Do You Start A Blog? Reasons To Start A Blog Today

how to start a blog

Start a blog they say… It’s easy they say… What they haven’t told me that it will be long journey that will lead me to this point. I will have to be completely honest with you, it took me couple of years to start this blog. What I am going to blog about on I …


All You Need To Know To Commit to Long-Lasting Lipstick 

Matte Lipstick Long-lasting lipsticks To buy reviews

Matte lipstick and long-lasting lipsticks without a doubt rule the world recently. Picking the right one has always been a challenge though.   Matte lipstick in nude, red and neon long-lasting lips are popping all over the place.   I’m a perfectionist, so I decided to select long-lasting matte lipsticks. I’m letting you know, my …

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Cheap $5.00 Logo May Cost You Your Company

So you are tempted to get a cheap logo for $5… I don’t blame you it actually sounds really good. But go ahead and treat yourself to Starbucks instead, because after this story you will not be interested in those ads ever again. Enjoy your java, while I am going to take you on this …

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Wacom Intuos Art vs Wacom Draw 2017 Review: Intuos Art Digital Graphics, Drawing and Painting Tablet Review

Wacom Intuos Art Tablet

A couple of days ago I bought Wacom Intuos Art Tablet and I would like to share it with you. Countless videos on Youtube about it with all due respect are either waaaaay outdated, feature older models or just barely have an opinion. Note: This review is not sponsored.   Image source: Wacom Intuos Art …

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Benefits Of Rebranding Your Business

Imagine a date with a friend whom you haven’t seen for 2 years… You are at the coffee house catching up… How many things have changed since the last time you saw each other… But wait! What does it have to do with your business? Just think about it. If you had to talk about your business back in the …

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10 Major Reasons to Become A Boss Babe aka Start Your Own Business

Bragging rights. Yeah… Yeah… you are not vain but if you have reasons to feel good about yourself you have earned it. You are not bragging you are just being descriptive and inspirational. Finally you have the proof that you’ve made it and you can show off a little bit. Or a lot! I won’t judge. You …


Life After Failure, Search For The Voice And A Cause and Empowerment

Alarm goes off… I snooze it… But here it comes on again… But it’s ok I owe it to myself I’ve been through so much. The laziness is usually looked down upon, but I’ve made my mind to get some rest from it all. So one year I just stayed in bed in the morning. …

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How To Use The Art Of Not Knowing To Build A Life Of Your Dreams

Sometimes in spite our best efforts we find ourselves being challenged. We lack clarity…we lack direction. No matter what we do the answer doesn’t come. It gets harder as we try to represent when we don’t know what we stand for. But before you start beating yourself up I want you to read this quote: “…the writer is one who, …